Dear ET players,

Since the masterlist is still down, and ID is keeping quite at the background I've been working on a new masterlist. It would be nice if all server admins could add this master to the server config. I've also modified the ET 2.55/2.60b game file to load up this new list. As soon as ID's master is back up, we will synchronize with their list continuously as well, so you do not need to revert back later.

I'm still working on some improvements on the background, but this is a start, didn't want you to wait much longer
For server admins
Put the following in your server config, then, if you don't want to restart your server immediately, go to rcon and also copy paste the command there.

set sv_master5 ""
For players

  • Option 1: Download and install Rudi's hosts service, this patch will run as service and send the masterlist through from as long as ID's masterserver is down, if ID's master will be back up, it'll load from there. This tool does not require you to change any files. This option is recommended!
  • Option 2: Download the new ET.exe files
    Windows: 2.55 is HERE or 2.60b is HERE
    Linux: 2.60b is HERE
    Mac: 2.60b is HERE
  • Option 3: Modify your hosts file and add this to the bottom (USE ONLY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE THE NEW EXE FILES, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO IT BOTH)